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This Saker Grease Gun Coupler Unique Advantages:
  • Upgrade to 14000 PSI

    Saker grease gun coupler own an exclusive US patent.prevent leakage even at 14000 PSI extreme pressure.

  • Waterproof, Grease-Resistant

    Its zinc-coated surface, reinforced jaws and quality sealing gasket protects the coupler from water, grease and other corrosive contaminants.

  • High Grade Materials

    Built with quality zinc-coated alloy steel, this grease gun coupler is suitable for an all-day operation in your garage or workshop.

  • Multiple Applications

    1/8” NPT compatible with all grease guns and DIN and SAE grease fittings. Suitable for use at construction sites, in auto repair shops, and with farm machinery.

  • Ergonomic Thumb Lever Mechanism

    With smooth retraction, only one-hand is needed for greasing. Simply lock in the grease gun coupler and continue to operate the grease gun.

Perfect tool for continuous greasing without breakage, leakage or warping
With a sleek design and quick release sleeve, this coupler latches firmly onto grease fitting, enabling hands-free greasing. Activated by an ergonomic thumb lever, the couplers' jaws locks onto the Zerk fittings and creates a leak-proof seal. With this locked connection, the coupler stays fixed and does not break, leak or wear and tear. Once fitting is pressurized, simply depress the thumb lever and it releases the coupler.
The Saker grease gun coupler enables a clean work environment; reduce spurts, splashes and oily mess.
Saker Grease Gun Coupler is very easy to Use

Saker Grease Gun Coupler

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Happy Customer

Roger Palmer
Verified review

These are brilliant tools I’ve got one and it works beautifully!

Nikolas R.
Verified review

I got one of these for my mom who has a big yard in Pennsylvania. It’s really easy for her to handle and it works great on small branches around the yard. She really loves it!

Turner M.
Verified review

In the past, I spend a lot of time pruning and trimming, and this tool has made my job so much easier. I love how lightweight this trimmer is. It's easy to maneuver and doesn't put a lot of strain on my arms and shoulders, even after using it for an hour or more. And there's no cord to worry about getting tangled up in.

Jason H.
Verified review

Great beginner tool for waxing and polishing. It’s very easy to use, happy I bought it for my new car!!! Prepared for the long run! Very very glad I chose to buy this product out of all of them I highly recommend it!

Mari Jo Knapp 
Verified review

Got mine a week ago. First few days my lower stomach was sore. I feel it working just need to keep at it.

Peter Ellis 
Verified review

My son is a carpenter and loves his.

Chantelle Neighbour
Verified review

Got mine today and they are awesome. Magnets strong. Lights pretty (bought two more)

Wally Nicky
Verified review

What a brilliant tool! I almost always have it with me while working.