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1005 Langley St

Victoria, BC V8W 1V7

1005 Langley St

Victoria, BC V8W 1V7

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

SAKER® Mini Chainsaw Cordless 6-Inch



  • 【Copper Wire High-efficiency Motor】-6 inch mini chain saw cordless uses a powerful copper wire high-efficiency motor. Provides your tool with longer run-time, more torque, and more power which leads to less wear and tear, extending the lifetime of the saker handheld chainsaw.
  • 【Cordless Convenience】-Say goodbye to tangled cords and limited mobility. This Saker mini chain saw operates cordlessly, providing you with the freedom to move around without any restrictions. No more searching for power outlets or dealing with extension cords.
  • 【Impressive Performance】-Don't be fooled by its small size—the Saker 6-inch mini chainsaw cordless packs a punch. With its powerful motor and sharp chain, it effortlessly cuts through branches, logs, and small trees, making it an ideal tool for pruning, trimming, and DIY projects.
  • 【Enhanced Safety Features】- Your safety is our top priority. The Saker handheld chainsaw is equipped with safety features such as a safety switch to prevent accidental starts and a protective guard to shield your hands from debris. Work confidently knowing that your safety is taken care of.
  • 【Long-lasting Battery】- With its included high-capacity battery, the Saker electric chainsaw cordless ensures long cutting sessions without interruptions. The battery is rechargeable, allowing you to easily power up and get back to work whenever needed.
  • 【Versatile and Efficient】- The Saker 6-inch mini chainsaw is a versatile tool that excels in various cutting tasks. From pruning trees and branches to cutting firewood, this mini chainsaw delivers precise and efficient results, making it a go-to choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
  • 【Easy Maintenance and Durability】- The Saker mini chainsaw 6-inch portable is built to last. It's durable construction and high-quality materials guarantee long-term performance. Additionally, it features easy maintenance, allowing you to keep it in top shape with minimal effort.
  • 【Portable & One Hand Operation】-The Saker small chain saw weighs light, making it easy to carry and use in any location. The non-slip handheld design makes it comfortable to hold in hand and easy to control, which is ergonomic. Very suitable for family and outdoor work, even women and the elderly can easily control it.


  • Guide Length: 6 Inch

  • Power Source: Battery Powered

  • Horsepower: 550 Watts

  • Color: Yellow

  • Weight: 3.15 Pounds
  • Mini Chainsaw 6-inch, Guide Bar (Installed), Saw Chain (1 Installed), Goggles & Gloves, Batteries, US Charger, Wrench & Screwdriver & Lube, Storage Bag